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This was for the Fall 08 watches and Jewelry campaign. This creation was a one man show. I shot clips, took photos, and with a touch of After effects this is what resulted (sorry no music on this cut. don’t try to adjust your volume). I did have some help from Amy my wonderful wife. (who puts up with stuff like this, side note: she enjoyed  it). You can see her in the shower scene and various other scenes when shooting. Thanks Amy!

This was shown in store displays in select locations around the world. I think I might need to dig up some more videos I’ve created over the years. I picked up video editing and After Effects skills over the past two years doing Tech Talk presentations at work. It’s a nice skill to have as an Art Director!

Here is the link on Vimeo,

Below are some pics from one of the stores. I can’t remember where? (very low quality) This one in the pics below is the extended cut version.

My newest version of my desktop! It’s a multi-dimensional, multi-verse workspace in a workspace!


Here is my desktop, literally! 🙂

Finally got around to putting a portfolio together. I have been slacking in this area for a while now. I really wanted to collect some of the good design I’ve done and put them in one place where it is easy to update. So well here it is! Click on the link below if you would like to see the actual site. Someday I’ll get around to designing a new look for the wordpress blog!

Man I feel old! Catching up with family I haven’t seen in a while makes me a little nervous and a little excited! Even though I’m not a kid anymore I still feel like one. However, when I see cousins that when I last saw them they were kids, I realize how much time has gone by. Now my kids are the kids! It’s official my inner child just stopped listening to popular music and started listening to NPR. Eeek!

I’m going to sit by myself and put my Hemera Hyper Color t-shirt on, retire to my EZ chair,and listen to Boyz2Men’s Cooly High Harmony! Peace out y’all!